Banglalink Job Circular 2020

Banglalink Job Circular 2020 has been published in daily job portal and to get form BD Jobs One. For your information, Banglalink is one of the largest mobile services operators in Bangladesh since in April 2011.The Company Key Person Name Erik Aas( CEO) and Founded has November 1996.The Banglalink Telecommunication Company main headquarter situated in Tigers’ Den, House#SW(H)04, Bir Uttam Mir Shawkat Sharak, Gulshan-1, Dhaka, Bangladesh. It’s Providing Worldwide Telecommunication Service and Use Latest Technological Services Including Telephony, GSM, 2G, GPRS, EDGE, 3G, HSDPA, HSPA+ and more. Banglalink Offers Various Type Mobile Package Including Postpaid, Prepad, Persoanl Package, Des, Desh rang and Excellent Customer Support System. Recently the Banglalink telecommunication company looking new man power for their company of position Head of SME, Head of Marketing – B2B, Head of Icon Management and B2B Service, Device Campaign Manager, Digital Marketing Manager.

However, If you are interested for mobile company jobs in Bangladesh as well as Banglalink Job Circular 2020 is good choice for any job seekers. As a mention to read below our given information with job circular mage which help to know all details about Banglalink Jobs News 2020. So let’s check and get ready as submit your resume.

■ Organization Name: Banglalink Mobile Company.

■ Post Position: Head of Medium Segment

■ Job Posting Date: 26 February 2020

■ Application Deadline: 7 March 2020

■ Educational Qualification: BBA (MBA is preferable) from a UGC approved institute

■ Experience Requirements: 7-8 years of total experience inclusive of 3-4 years of relevant experience in Sales management in Telecom industry especially in team management role.

■ Number of Vacancies:N/A

■ Age Limit for Jobs: N/A

■ Job Types: Company Jobs (Mobile Company)

■ Job category: Full Time

■ Additional Job Requirements: See the circular

■ Jobs Location: Anywhere in Bangladesh

■ Other Benefits: As per Company Policy.

■ Jobs Source: online job portal

■ Application Process: If you are interested to pursue a career with us and you have the required experience & skills, please apply with an updated CV on or before March 7, 2020.

Banglalink Job Circular 2020

Banglalink Job Circular 2020

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বাংলালিংক রিচার্জ ইন্টারনেট অফার
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বাংলালিংক রিচার্জ অফার 2018
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বাংলালিংক লাইভ চ্যাট
বাংলালিংক লটারি
বাংলালিংক লাইফ ইন্স্যুরেন্স
বাংলালিংক লেটেস্ট অফার
বাংলালিংক শুধু মিনিট অফার
বাংলালিংক শপ
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বাংলালিংক সিমের অফার
বাংলালিংক হেল্প লাইন
বাংলালিংক হেল্পলাইন নাম্বার
বাংলালিংক হেড অফিস
বাংলালিংক হেড অফিস কোথায়
বাংলালিংক হাওলাদ
বাংলালিংক হটলাইন
বাংলালিংক হ্যালো প্যাকেজ
বাংলালিংক হ্যান্ডসেট অফার
বাংলালিংক হটলাইন নাম্বার
বাংলালিংক হ্যান্ডসেট সেটিং
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